Engaging Ontarians in a dialogue about sexual violence.

You hear your boss tell a coworker how great her legs look in a skirt.

Do you go back to your desk?

Why Draw the Line

Ask a woman about sexual harassment and almost half will say they have experienced it at work. When we choose to look away, we quietly support a threatening & intimidating workplace.

When to Draw the Line

Sexual harassment is unwanted, unwelcomed and unasked-for behavior of a sexual nature.

How to Draw the Line

There's always more than one option for a bystander. Take a stand safely and do something that you feel comfortable with. You could:

  • Call him out and tell him you think it's unacceptable.
  • Call Human Resources and tell them there's no place for sexual violence in the workplace.
  • Check in with your co-worker and ask if she's ok.


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