Engaging Ontarians in a dialogue about sexual violence.

Your favourite singer assaulted his girlfriend.

Do you download his latest single?

Why Draw the Line

When we "let" little things happen without saying or doing anything, we quietly support harmful attitudes – without even realizing it. What's more, we unknowingly let perpetrators get away with their crimes.

When to Draw the Line

Whenever you can make a choice that demonstrates you don't support sexual violence. And listen to your gut, because if it feels 'wrong', it probably is.

How to Draw the Line

Even though you can't always stop the assault, it's never too late to make a difference. And as a bystander, you always have more than one option:

  • Talk about it, by letting others know where you stand.
  • Don't support a perpetrator (with money, Facebook likes, or a vote).
  • Think twice about the choices you make everyday. Can you take a stand, make a statement and draw the line?


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