Engaging Ontarians in a dialogue about sexual violence.

A classmate tells you the new trans girl is school is "just asking for it."

Do you ignore it?

Why Draw the Line

Ignoring statements like these encourages harmful behaviours and violence against trans women. The Ontario Human Rights Code includes gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation as prohibited grounds for discrimination.

When to Draw the Line

Whenever we witness someone "joking" about sexual violence we have an opportunity to call it out as unacceptable.

How to Draw the Line

There's always more than one option for a bystander. Take a stand safely and do something that you feel comfortable with. You could:

  • Call it out: Tell your classmate that the joke is not funny.
  • Use your body language: Even if you're not sure what to say, show your feelings of displeasure or disbelief by making a face, shaking your head or moving away.
  • Report it: Tell someone you trust – a teacher, a principal, a parent/ caregiver or elder.


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