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A friend confides in you that his new girlfriend is trans.

Do you support him?

Why Draw the Line

There's nothing wrong with dating trans people, but peer pressure and stereotyping can make some guys feel uncomfortable about their interest in trans women. Many keep their relationships secret which can put their girlfriends at risk of violence. Challenging transphobia makes safer and more inclusive communities for everyone.

When to Draw the Line

Whenever friends or family confide in us, we need to find ways of showing them our ongoing support.

How to Draw the Line

  • Show your support: Tell him you're always there for him and that you're happy he's dating someone he cares about.
  • Remind him: Share with him the importance of not "outing" his girlfriend as being trans without receiving her permission every time he'd like to tell someone.
  • Stay connected: Ask to be introduced to his girlfriend – and try to stay in touch.


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