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Degrading graffiti about a trans student appears on a washroom stall.

Do you report it?

Why Draw the Line

When we don't report or remove hurtful comments or threats like this, it sends a message that it's acceptable for trans people to be publicly humiliated, threatened or scorned. 78% of trans students feel unsafe at school – we need to work together to create positive change.

When to Draw the Line

Negative images, speech or written comments should be challenged right away. Once reported, the messages should be removed as soon as possible.

How to Draw the Line

  • Report it: Tell someone you trust – a teacher, a principal, a parent/ caregiver or elder.
  • Build a team: Connect with your school's Safer Space Club or GSA to work on school-wide initiatives.
  • Spark positive change: Find and share resources that positively discuss trans inclusion at school. Talk to teachers about distributing and using them in your school.


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