Engaging Ontarians in a dialogue about sexual violence.

Your friend is worried about transphobic comments made by teammates.

Do you help her?

Why Draw the Line

Transphobic comments create toxic environments and may in some cases also be against the law. As athletes, we have a responsibility to be our best selves and create safer and inclusive communities for everyone.

When to Draw the Line

On the court or in the locker room, whenever we notice comments that mock or devalue trans people, we need to challenge them right away.

How to Draw the Line

  • Support your friend: Tell them they are right to be concerned.
  • Report it: Tell someone you trust — a teacher, a principal, a parent/caregiver or elder.
  • Spark positive change: Ask your coach to specifically prohibit discrimination by addressing transphobia in your team's Code of Conduct, and connect with your school's Safer Space Club, GSA or a local LGBTQ group for support.


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