Engaging Ontarians in a dialogue about sexual violence.

Your classmate says they've noticed a person standing in the school yard watching kids at recess.

Do you tell someone?

Why Draw the Line

When we take these situations lightly, we support an unhealthy and potentially threatening environment.

When to Draw the Line

Stalking behaviours may include: following someone, making unwanted calls, threats or watching them. Stalking can cause a person to fear for their safety and is a form of sexual violence. In Canada, stalking is illegal.

How to Draw the Line

There is always more than one option for a bystander. Take a stand safely and do something you feel comfortable with. You can:

  • Report it: Tell someone you trust - a teacher, a principal, a parent/caregiver or elder.
  • Check in with your friend: "Are you ok? Let’s talk to someone."


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