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Draw the line publications on a table
Draw the line publications on a table

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Open up a dialogue, and keep the conversation going, on sexual violence prevention and bystander intervention by using Draw the Line user guides, postcards, and posters; available for download or for order at no cost. Postcard and poster images and content can be viewed by exploring the thumbnails below.

  • Your wasted friend staggers out of the bar with some guy.

  • Your teammate tells you the coach is always touching them to correct their stance and it feels weird.

  • Your sister tells you that her husband won't allow her to go on birth control.

  • Your sister tells you her husband made her have sex last night.

  • Your peer mentor sends you nudes of a girl you know.

  • Your peer mentor sends you images of a girl you know in her underwear.

  • Your neighbour tells you she "deserved" what happened to her because of the clothes she chose to wear.

  • Your friend's new boyfriend asked her to go out with other men to help him financially.

  • Your friend tells you an adult at the school is always touching them and it feels weird.

  • Your friend seems anxious around her interpreter.

  • Your friend passes out on the couch at a party.

  • Your friend is worried about transphobic comments made by teammates.

  • Your favourite singer assaulted his girlfriend.

  • Your classmate says their ex keeps following them after school and it creeps them out.

  • Your bro says he's excited to hit the club Friday and pick up drunk girls.

  • Your aunt's new love interest monitors her text messages.

  • You overhear an educator telling a student how their grades would be better if they returned his texts.

  • You hear your boss tell a coworker how great her legs look in a skirt.

  • You're at a party, and your friend introduces you to her new partner.

  • The coach spends extra time with a player - on and off the field.

  • Someone posts on Facebook that Daniella is "actually a dude."

  • Someone at work comments on a co-worker's body, saying 'just kidding.'

  • Your classmate says they've noticed a person standing in the school yard watching kids at recess.

  • Frosh leaders start a chant 'NO MEANS TRY HARDER'.

  • Degrading graffiti about a trans student appears on a washroom stall.

  • Boss at my co-op placement is always making comments about my dress.

  • At a party, your friend says: This girl looks really out of it, I wonder what we can get her to do?

  • At a party your friend says: Those girls look really drunk, let's take them upstairs.

  • A teammate on your school sports team is accused of sexual misconduct.

  • A friend sends you a naked picture of a girl he knows.

  • A friend confides in you that his new girlfriend is trans.

  • A community member has been texting your friend inappropriate messages.

  • A community helper has a reputation for being "touchy".

  • A classmate tells you the new trans girl is school is "just asking for it."

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Test your knowledge on consent and bystander intervention by taking the Draw the Line Quiz! Some parts of this quiz test your knowledge. Other parts contain information about sexual violence prevention, helping you to increase your knowledge as you go along. You will have a chance to assess what you’ve learned. At the end of the quiz, you will get your score.

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Draw the line publications on a table
Draw the line publications on a table